To support spiritual advancement, most religions and spiritual paths teach specific techniques that include: prayer, singing God’s name and praises, contemplation, meditation, study of scriptures, service, donation and right conduct.  Although different traditions may emphasis some more than others, the effectiveness of these techniques have lasted the test of time.  Evidence of their use dates back to the beginning of recorded history.   

Contemplation - Contemplation requires holding awareness on a spiritual topic related for a protracted length of time while being receptive to new understanding.  This focused attentiveness welcomes instruction through spontaneous, inner revelation.  Contemplation can be done in silence or writing format.  

Donation - is the practice of making financial offerings as means of expressing gratitude, support to the religious institution and community.  

Fasting - Limiting sensory stimulation to increase reflection and contemplation.

Meditation - Meditation is silently listening in the witness stance to welcome inner instruction and insight, and to become aware of one’s own inner essence.  

Prayer - Approaching the Creator, God, with reverence and humility to request assistance, understanding, or to express gratitude.

Here’s a 22 second recording on prayer.  Can you identify what religion this person follows?

Retreat -  Minimizing outside distractions to focus on religious and spiritual practices.  

Right Action - Fulfillment of one’s duties, and proper behavior. 

Service - Volunteering offered out of love and gratitude without concern for reward or return.

Silence - Quieting mental activities to experience inherent inner peace and to receive spiritual insight.

Singing of devotional hymns, praises and God’s Name - With its heart-opening effects, this is one of the most joyful forms of prayer.

Study of Scriptures - Imbued with Divine Knowledge of the Truth, scriptures carry the blessings of the realized saints and sages who wrote them.

In Personal Experiences, leaders of different traditions share how one of their favorite practice has impacted their life.  It makes knowledge come alive!  

Click here to listen to personal experiences.

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