Lasting the test of time, these universal practices and techniques are found in various forms in many of the most widely observed spiritual and religious traditions.  In this section, people share how one of their favorite spiritual practices has impacted his or her life.

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    Secretary of the Los Angeles Baha’i Center - Randolph Dobbs (3:25)


    Self-Realization Fellowship - Brahmachari Martin (5:54)

    Zazen Soto Zen Buddhism - Bishop Daigaku Rumme (4:16)


    Roman Catholic Priest - Father Sabastian (11:34)

    Muslim - Imam Buyuksoy (8:57)


    Coptic Orthodox Priest - Father Antony (8:53)



    Vedic Tradition - Tony Jack Grigsby (19:19)               

Singing of devotional hymns, praises and God’s Name

    Conservative Judaism - Rabbi Erez Sherman (9:57)


    Sikh - Dr. Nivrikar Singh (5:25)

Spiritual Healing

    Christian Science - First Reader Jennifer Glaser (6:44)       

Study of Scriptures

    Seventh-Day Adventist Church - Pastor Tom Schroer (11:47)


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