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In our daily lives, we are increasingly interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds.  Now Is For All is designed to help build cooperative, collaborative relationships for our local and global communities.

Despite obvious differences in customs and traditions, similarities of the human heart are even greater.  The world over, people have the same needs, goals and aspirations.   Having the means to feed and clothe oneself and one’s family, a place to call home, having a confidante, and love and respect, these are the universally important elements of life.

An essential feature of all healthy relationships is respect.  When we have respect for others, we recognize their intrinsic value and we take the time to understand them.  When respect is absent, growth is hindered and conflicts arise.

Now Is For All aims to build goodwill among people of different cultural backgrounds using knowledge and information to foster understanding of the world’s most commonly practiced beliefs, faiths, and spiritual and religious traditions and respect for those who adhere to them. 

A list of common techniques used by many religious adherents and spiritual seekers to enhance their personal development is provided under Universal Practices.

Audio interviews are used to provide brief introductions to basic core beliefs and can be found under the section, World Religions

Emphasizing the human element, interviewees share how one of their favorite spiritual practices has impacted their lives.  These audio segments can be found in the section, Personal Experiences.

Lastly, Test Your Knowledge presents a short, 10 question quiz asking you to pair primary tenet to religion.  See how well you can do!

Please Note:  Now Is For All does not promote any one belief, path, or religion but rather seeks to increase awareness of and respect for humanity’s valued legacies, and invites you to recognize our similarities amongst our differences as we approach our common quest for lives that are rooted in purpose, dignity, and respect.

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